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**For sale! Hydrodipping sector of the business. Turn key. Dipping sector only.

**we are extremely appreciative to have seen such rapid exponential growth in all of our sectors of the business, with no sign of slowing... unfortunately we will soon be unable to keep up with the sheer quantity of specialized skill work coming in, while maintaining the level of quality that has got us where we are. Hydrographics has some of our largest customers, but doesn't share the same equipment/resources that our other sectors do. Therefor we have reluctantly decided it is the sector to look at possibly releasing to a competent, driven buyer that is dedicated to matching our efforts of offering a seamless transition to our valued customers should a transfer take place.

~~contact for more info

**genuine hydrographics is a professionally shot paint job, with the addition of the hydrodipping step replacing airbrushing to drastically drop cost and improve detail...  Not a wrap
**We carry a full arsenal of primers, bases, candies, pearls, colour shifts, and variety of clears to obtain optimal adhesion/durability/physical characteristics for your item's material/usage/environment.
**we do a PHONE CASE, all the way to FULL MOUNTAIN SLEDS FOR THE Department of defence, to gunstock runs for some of Canada's largest BRANDS... and everything in between.

**our quality has brought in customer projects from all over canada and BEYOND, todays shipping/payment options make this easy & painless.

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