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Hours of operation
Monday-Friday 12:00pm-7:00pm (by appointment)
Residential Location located on the edge of Sarnia, 3 minutes from the Mandaumin exit off the 402.


Lambton Dipping & Coatings

6751 Craigmere Lea

RR1 Camlachie, On


Tel: (519)333-7781 (text or call)

Contact/Quote Inquiry Form

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**ALL CONTACT is with the individual actually doing your work, start to finish.


1-Message us FIRST to make sure we have a plan to achieve exactly what you're after/quote, then include a slip in the box with name/contact/colour etc for us to keep with your parts throughout the process. Ship any way you like.

2-The person doing your work will contact you if there are any uncertainties before we begin... Otherwise it will just join the process in next batch.

3-When finished, we invoice, payable by a simple e-transfer or credit card.

4-We send your package back on it's way and send you the tracking #.

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